85mm Versus 135mm Lens Comparison for Portraiture

Two of the preferred focal lengths for portraiture are 85mm and 135mm. If you wish to improve your nifty-fifty for one thing a bit longer, which must you select? Effectively, it is dependent upon various components.

On a full body physique, I’ve taken an infinite variety of portraits over time, and I can say confidently that 70% or extra have been taken with both an 85mm or a 135mm. Like most, I began pictures with a 50mm prime and beloved it, however I wished a extra cinematic look. I did not perceive what that meant or actually what I used to be after, till I began to take discover of the lenses different photographers have been utilizing and it grew to become clear.

I purchased an 85mm subsequent and began utilizing it for headshots and I beloved it — I nonetheless do. It is lengthy sufficient that topic separation is powerful, nevertheless it’s nonetheless large sufficient that when you take just a few steps again, you’ll be able to seize extra of the scene. Then, after seeing one in every of my favourite photographers creating gorgeous pictures of flowers (of all issues!), I invested in a Canon 135mm L and it was my favourite lens till the previous few years, nevertheless it nonetheless sits in second place, miles above third. If there’s good mild, it is onerous to take a foul shot with the 135mm large open, and when you’ve by no means tried it, I implore you to borrow or hire one to see what it is like!

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